Cacoxenite is also known as Super 7 or Melody Stone.  This is beautiful stone is a combination of seven different minerals: Cacoxenite, Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Smokey Quartz, Rutile, Goethite, Lepidocrocite and sometimes there is a hint of Haematite found in some pieces.  Cacoxenite is an amplifier stone, enhancing the vibrations of other crystals nearby. This stone is said to raise awareness and enhance spirituality, creating a connectedness with the universe.  This stone helps us to feel confidence in ourselves as well as our work and environments. Useful in dreamwork and for meditation.  Cacoxenite encouranges us along the right path and assists us to recognise those who can offer us assistance in our spiritual growth.  Stimulates creativity and revitalizes the mind.

Amethyst protects and soothes; Smokey Quartz is grounding; Clear Quartz and Rutile amplify energy; Goethite aides in communication as well as clairaudience; Lepidocrocite clears thought processes to allow for knowledge input; Cacoxenite generates new ideas while allowing you to see the positive. The potent combination of all of these stones adds up to a more powerful vibration as a whole that will lend itself to heal body, mind and spirit.

Cacoxenite is a very strong all round healer and is said to help relieve stress, hormonal problems, colds, flu and upset stomachs, while also supporting the thyroid and adrenal glands.  Assists with cellular replenishment and regeneration.


CARNELIAN    Solar Plexus chakra

While it enhances drive, ambition and motivation, Carnelian inspires positive, courageous confidence.   It activates and energizes personal power and reveals hidden talents.   Protects from negative emotions and helps to ease depression, giving you a sense of inner stability.  It can also help to balance the mind when you are trying to tackle difficult mental tasks.   Reminds you of being  ‘In the moment.’  It promotes a sense of attunement with oneself. 

Carnelian warms and stimulates the appetite and balances the female reproductive system, easing menstrual pain. 

It helps to increase passion in an otherwise loving relationship.   Helps asthma and blood pressure sufferers.

Its energy is warm, joyful and opening, particularly when it is placed on the lower abdomen.

Comes from Brazil, Uruguay and India.


The calming and nurturing energy of Chalcedony will increase your inner peace and bring you physical and emotional harmony within your own spirit.  It is about being honest with your emotions, to enable healing and calmness of the soul.  Chalcedony is a protective stone, helping to quell nightmares, aiding energy and vitality.   Inspires generosity, wellbeing, harmony, optimism and encourages kindness to others.  Chalcedony is said to improve memory and increase the ability to learn new languages.

Negative energy and sadness are thought to dissipate.

Aqua chalcedony is said to aid meditation, mindful thought processes and wisdom.  In its nurturing nature, aqua chalcedony promotes goodwill and brotherhood.

Physically, chalcedony helps heal the circulatory system, spleen and the eyes. Aids the regeneration of mucus membranes, helps lower a temperature and blood pressure.


CITRINE    Crown and Solar Plexus chakras

Clears the mind of conflicting thoughts and provides space to think.   Citrine brings clarity in decision making.   It attracts abundance into your life, whether in the form of money or relationships.    Citrine is known as the "success" stone, said to promote success and abundance, especially in business.   It helps to opens lines of communication with teenagers and stepfamilies.   

It also helps with creative visualization if you hold it in your power hand (the one you write with) while picturing the desired result coming closer.   Citrine is warming, comforting, energizing and life-giving. 

Used to detoxify the body and has a beneficial effect of the kidneys, liver and gall bladder.  Tones the circulation.  Try placing it beside your bed to help you sleep and to help eliminate nightmares.  Keep with you in times of stress or lack of motivation and be warmed by her golden heart..

Citrine is said to aid digestion and help with elimination of gall stones. 

Mined in Brazil and some small deposits also exist in Madagascar.

CHRYSOCOLLA - useful for all chakras

Inspires your spirit and gives you the courage to do something you may have been thinking of for some time. A wonderful motivator, chrysocolla will lead you with strength and courage towards new beginnings.  She carries the colours of the earth and the oceans, giving off the soothing vibrations that we associate with being near the sea and the grounded energy we feel from the earth.  This leaves us with a feeling of pure love and joy.

Used at the 3rd eye chakra this stone will open self awareness and psychic connection, at the throat chakra you will find chrysocolla enhances clear communication and self expression, when placed on the heart chakra it will help you overcome heart ache and give you strength to open your heart to open your heart again.  Rebuild your strength and dissipate negative emotions by placing on your solar plexus chakra.

Chrysocolla is an excellent stone to help with PMS, and cramps associated both with menstrual pain and muscular pain.  She reoxygenates the blood, which encourages deeper breathing, in turn detoxifying organs like the liver and kidneys.  Heals infections.


CHRYSOPRASE     Heart chakra

A stone of forgiveness and compassion, chrysoprase attracts all types of abundance - creative, health, happiness and material.    It is an excellent stone to have when you are beginning a new project or venture. Energizes and is good for meditation, especially when outdoors to connect you with nature spirits and natural energies.   She will bring you a sense of security and opposes those feelings of judgement.  All will find it helpful to prevent nightmares or dissipate negative thoughts or images.

Good for ulcers and other digestive disorders.  Helps fill the mind and spirit with optimism, especially after illness or despair.


CLEAR QUARTZ      Crown chakra

Helps to focus and amplify physical, mental and emotional energy.   Clear quartz aids concentration  and can be used protectively in challenging environments.   It instills a sense of optimism and purpose.  This stone assists others to be more receptive to innovation and new ideas.   It is pure yang (masculine) energy and can be placed on any part of the body, which needs energizing.

Clear Quartz is a master healer and stimulates the immune system, bringing the body into balance.

Found in Brazil and Africa

RED CORAL   Base chakra

Coral is considered magical in the realm of crystals and gemstones.  Coral is a traditional gift for the expectant mother or newborns as a protective amulet.   Coral comes from the sea and is associated with emotional healing because of its watery home.  Coral symbolizes life, joy and happiness.   It is said that coral helps to quiet the emotions and to bring peace to within the self, it facilitates intuition, imagination and visualization.  It can be worn to ensure success in roles of leadership, business, health and sport.

Coral is considered a remedy for physical disorders involving blood and bones, anemia and tissue regeneration,  nourishing blood cells and strengthening the skeleton. Dark red coral is used for heating and stimulating the bloodstream. Pink shades restore harmony to the heart.


DENDRITIC AGATE or Dendritic Opal aka Merlinite

This beautiful stone captures the beauty of nature and assists with connecting you to the natural world, the earth and all her creatures.  Dendritic agate brings prosperity, wealth, abundance and a general fullness to all aspects of your life.    Wearing dendritic agate assists with emotional balance and encourages patience and perseverance.  A warm and protective stone, dendritic agate is perfect for travellers.   It fosters love, nurturing and new beginnings.  Family ties are strengthened and the pain or bitterness associated with a traumatic childhood is sometimes alleviated.  It is very helpful if you are suffering from baby blues.

In any stagnant areas of your life, dendritic agate will assist in bringing fresh energy.  Even a stuffy environment will be refreshed with dendritic agate present.  Dendrite is a stone of growth, both physically and spiritually, allowing an awareness of your actions and balance in all areas.

A stone that attracts good luck and stimulates intuition and harmony.  A powerful spiritual stone that absorbs negativity and changes this into positive energy.  Merlinite, the stone of duality, is said to be natures yin and yang as she contains both black, white and the greys in between.  She will help balance masculine and feminine, light and dark energies.  Don't be afraid to embrace both your light and dark sides as this is intrinsically you.  Merlinite will aid your ability to be more accepting and approachable. It is said to have gained its name from the wizard Merlin due to the magical and mystical experiences she may bestow upon her keeper.  You can be given the opportunity to make contact with the guides from higher realms and Merlinite can aid clearer psychic visions.   

Dendritic agate strengthens branching body parts.  The nervous system, blood vessels, skeleton and lungs all benefit from this stone and it is said to alleviate back pain.

Found in Brazil, India, USA, Madagascar, Mexico and Khazakstan.

You may find relief from headache's when wearing Merlinite and it is said to stabilise the nervous system and assist in healing illnesses related to the heart and the intestines.                                                                                                                                                                                                          



Diamond enhances strength and endurance.    It brings out the unique qualities in most people.  It is a master healer, activating the purest energy all around and within.

From South Africa, India, Brazil, Russia, Australia and USA.


Connecting to the heart chakra, dragons blood encourages love, compassion and forgiveness.  It stimulates creativity and self love, friendship and abundance.  Boosts focus and resilience and increases strength, courage, vitality and endurance.

Dragons blood encourages spiritual grown by aiding self reflection.  This dissolves false thoughts and gives you strength to see your true self shining through, centred and grounded.  Then you are able to achieve goals, fulfill creative desires and right the wrongs in your life.

Aligns the chakra centres and brings order to chaos.  Encourages calmness.   As a protector, she aids our planet Earth with her healing.


EMERALD   Heart Chakra

Emerald rules the heart.   A favorite of the goddess Venus, emerald is said to inspire unconditional and pure love.   Emerald promotes friendship, balance between partners, and is particularly known for providing domestic bliss, contentment and loyalty.  Helps to connect you with the creative source, encouraging and inspiring the wearer.  The green colour links you to nature.  Emerald is a stone of great harmony, hope and wisdom.

In healing, emerald is used to balance the heart and open it up to divine and successful love.  It is said that an emerald eyebath can heal any disease of the eye.  Place the emerald in a container of water overnight and rinse the eyes with the water the next day, to soothe the eyes and alleviate infections. Emerald imparts a wonderful rejuvenating quality and is thought to re-vitalize tired organs. It is a strong healer, and may be useful in treating the lungs, liver, gall bladder, pancreas and kidneys, as well as the spine and muscle system.

Mined mostly in Colombia, but also found in Zambia, Brazil, Zimbabwe, Pakistan and Madagascar.


FLUORITE   chakra is according to stone colour

Encourages new ideas.  Grounds, balances and focuses while creating order out of chaos.  Helps you to grasp more abstract concepts and develop the ability to comprehend.  Fluorite enables the mind to maintain a meditative and centred space while in the midst of physical activity.  It facilitates interdimentional communication.  Fluorite balances the positive and negative aspects of the mind, body and spirit.  It is a very stabilizing stone which promotes intuition and understanding. 

It is said that it is best not to wear fluorite to bed.

Strengthens teeth and bones.  Improves absorption of nutrients and is beneficial to the blood vessels and the spleen.  A powerful healer aiding viral infections and tumours.



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