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About Us
We believe that mother earth is a source of abundant healing and power. That’s why we offer a wide selection of natural gemstones, to help our customers find the perfect one for them. We believe that everyone deserves to feel the warmth and texture of these natural stones, admire their beauty and be surrounded with their healing energy.

We are passionate about providing a selection of healing gemstones that are sourced from all over the world. Our collection is constantly growing and evolving to offer a wide range of shapes, colors and textures. Come visit us at Lotus Lane and find the perfect gemstone for you!


At Lotus Lane our dedicated team is devoted to sourcing and showcasing the most unique and exciting pieces of jewellery.  We hand make many of our designs in house using the finest quality gemstones nature provides along with sterling silver beads, wires and findings..       

Some pieces in our range are sourced some from creative silversmiths, who still hand craft and use traditional silver working methods.  These methods have been handed down from generation to generation and we are proud to showcase these beautiful jewels, whilst helping to support the worlds artisans.

2020 has seen the birth of Lotus Lane designing and creating special pieces.  This is a passion and again, supports the traditional silversmiths of the world.

One off pieces are a specialty at Lotus Lane, contact us for special requests.


Here at Lotus Lane, we specialize in handmade healing gemstones. Our jewellry is all made with either 92.5 sterling silver, or Laos Hilltribe silver, which has a higher silver component than traditional sterling silver.


We are committed to creating pieces that are not only beautiful and stylish, but also help to bring peace and tranquility to our customers. Every single piece is made with precision and intention, and we always make sure to state if any other metal has been used.

Every Moment creates a Memory​

When we sold our bricks and mortar shop in 2000, I found I was not able to let go the thrill of sourcing and making beautiful jewellery pieces, it was just too hard to give up totally.  From my spare room, grew Lotus Lane, from humble beginnings with a selection of gemstone and silver beads, I set about creating pieces with a new and different focus. 

Life had changed and having a small child at home, Lotus Lane enabled me to work at my own pace at something that I loved and the time to be 'present' for our son in those important years.

From there I started to do local artisan markets and learned the intricacies of creating a website.  Loving the organic touch, every photo has been taken in or around my home.  Colour has been a driver of this site, I am just not one for the bland, white and stark images that you see made popular by the 'influencers' ... Give me colour and noise please!

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