This stone assists in balancing the yin and yang.  Agate is stabilizing and protecting, soothing and calming.  Agate also imparts a sense of strength and courage and assists you with feeling physically and emotionally secure. 

Alleviates stress, and if placed on the heart will help to heal emotional dis-ease.  Placed on the stomach, agate will stimulate the digestive process, cleanse the lymphatic system and strengthen blood vessels.


AMBER     Rules over the Navel and Solar Plexus Chakras

Amber has an uplifting energy and assists you when you are feeling weighed down.  It is helpful for those who are depressed, as it builds your physical vitality and positively charges your energy levels.  Amber brings humor and joy into your life, reminding you of your inner strength while also lighting up the soul!  

This beautiful stone keeps us warm and protects us from harm, while balancing our busy daily lives and enhancing our spiritual expansion.     When worn as jewellery, amber is grounding and stabilizing and is said to help with absent mindedness!

Worn at the solar plexus it will enhance intellectual clarity about the future path. It will shield you from negativity from other people and the environment.  Absorbs toxins from the environment

Amber is positive for the endocrine system, spleen and heart.  It is healing, soothing and harmonizing.  This is why generations have used teething necklaces for babies, amber is full of succinic acid which is the soothing component.   This is absorbed into the skin and will help baby to settle if upset or teething.  The necklace is not meant for baby to suck and should have knots in between each stone to minimise any choking hazard.

Amber revitalizes all organs and is used to clear and rebalance the heart, the abdomen and lower back.  Helps throat and respiratory problems.

Found in the Baltic States and the Dominican Republic.


AMETHYST    3rd eye chakra

Helps you to feel spiritually open and aware.   As well as strengthening, purifying and cleansing your energies on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, amethyst shields you from negativity and soothes anger and impatience.  Amethyst helps children who suffer nightmares and if placed under the pillow, can help with intuitive dreams.

One of the most effective healing crystals for both mind and body.   Amethyst is particularly helpful for stress, tension and addictions.  If placed on the stomach can relieve liver or stomach problems.  Soothes headaches when placed on the point of pain and is said to prevent nightmares and insomnia.  Amethyst is said to help to maintain blood sugar balance and to clear acne.   Assists and soothes in times of grief.

From Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia, Argentina, Namibia, Zambia and the Ural Mountains in Russia.


AMETRINE     Crown chakra

Ametrine replaces negativity with positive energy.  Removes pain and blockages and infuses the body with light and life.   Enhances tranquillity and self confidence.   Helps break bad habits, especially smoking.  This lovely stone is said to relieve tension, stimulate creativity and help with emotional and mental stability..

Ametrine helps the thyroid, spleen, liver and kidneys.    Can relieve tooth and gum problems, fluid retention, digestive, bladder and kidney disorders, colds and upper respiratory difficulties.  Will ease seasickness and travel queasiness. 

Assists in overcoming panic attacks and phobias.

AMMONITE  Base and Solar Plexis chakras

Fossils assist you in moving from the old to the new and to be receptive to the fresh, innovative forces that are available to you.

The spiral shape of ammonite, symbolises motion and transformation.  Negative energy is drawn up through the spiral and cleansed as it moves through the filtering chambers, to be released as a positive and fresh energy,  enabling change.

Ammonite or ineed many fossils, will help you to understand the process of change. They can help you to gain perspective on the present and integrate information about the past.  Fossils aid in moving yourself forward after stress or turmoil.

Ammonites are especially useful for past life recall and to contact spirit guides.  Traditionally fossils were used to honour ancestors and to connect to ancient sources of knowledge.


AQUAMARINE      Throat chakra

Uplifts the spirit and helps you think clearly.  Aquamarine can assist with moving towards closure or making some big decisions, by releasing fear and inviting in tranquillity.   Will enhance self-expression and self worth, particularly in your work.  It gently purifies the mind and body, instilling peace and calm.  Balances the emotions and aids clear verbal expression.  A stone of courage, clarity an compassion.

ATLANTISITE    Heart chakra

is a powerful stone that combines Stichtite and Serpentine. This mineral colour, ranges from a very pale green to dark ivy green with purple spots of Stichtite throughout. Atlantisite helps us to feel secure and peaceful within ourselves and gives us the courage to establish boundaries within our relationships and other daily situations we find ourselves in.  It’s a wonderful meditation stone that will help you access and retrieve ancient information and wisdom about your past lives.  Particularly if you wish to reconnect with the energies of Atlantis or Lemuria.

On a practical level this special stone is useful in protecting your home and valuables.

It has been found that Atlantisite helps children to modify their behaviour, if they are normally ungrounded or naughty.

Originally found in Tasmania, it has also be called Tasmanite, now also found in South Africa


AVENTURINE    Heart chakra

Gives you belief in your own talents and releases anxiety and fear.  This shimmering beauty is helpful to all as she enhances an optimistic outlook.  Considered a lucky stone, take this with you when you travel.  You may have new paths to follow and Aventurine with help you make the choice between familiar and comfortable, or a new adventure.  Aventurine protects the aura from those who are emotionally draining. This stone increases clairvoyance and can induce psychic dreams.  It lifts enthusiasm, love, energy and happiness.  Opens heart to broader horizons. 

Aventurine encourages emotional tranquillity and a positive attitude to life. 

It is good for the eyes.  Calms panic attacks and irregular heart rhythms.  Good fertility stone.


BLACK AGATE     Base Chakra

Black Agate attracts good fortune is used for protection, strength, courage and success.  This is a stone for grounding and centering the energies as it increases concentration and clarity.   It is said to have a calming effect during times of stress.   Promotes good will and encourages a sense of spirit. This stone aids in overcoming flaws, fears, and loneliness, while bringing about peace and resilience.  Black agate is said to remove jinxes and help eliminate bad luck.

Black Agate helps the reproduction system and encourages fertility.  Agate protects new life and therefore it's excellent stone during pregnancy.  Use to aid the symptoms of menopause and tumors in the breasts.   A powerful healer, said to be especially beneficial for bone marrow and allergies. 

BLACK TOURMALINE also known as schorl

This stone is one of the most powerful protective crystals you will find.   Place a piece between you and your computer to protect you from the electro magnetic energy given off.  Even when there are negative energies close by, she will envelop you so that you don't pick things up from others.  Enhance her energy by placing a piece in each corner of a room or space.

Black tourmaline is one crystal that will help with anxiety and is a must have for all collectors.

On a physical level, Black tourmaline supports the liver and kidneys, helps to detoxify your body and boosts your immune system.


BLOODSTONE   Base chakra

Bloodstone is believed to have been worn as an amulet to protect against the evil eye and to help ward off bullies.  It  is a symbol of justice and will give the courage to shed destructive habits and people and to encourage you to bring change into your life.   Attracts money and is a good charm for those who wish to win a competition.  She has an upbeat energy which will help you to enjoy the moment.

Bloodstone enhances mental and physical vitality, while encouraging blood circulation and moving energy around the body. It is helpful in removing energy blocks.

A cleansing stone, recommended for the liver, kidneys, bone marrow and intestines.  An excellent women’s stone as it helps relieve menstrual and menopausal symptoms.  Helpful in maintaining a detoxifying diet.

Found in India, Brazil, Australia,  China and the USA

BUMBLEBEE JASPER    Sacral and Solar Plexis chakras

This gorgeous yellow stone helps you to accept change by allowing you to find new opportunities/adventures and make decisions with confidence.  Her energy increases creativity, motivation and willpower.  Helping you to manifest your best self in a positive manner.  Truly, a stone of happiness and courage.

Bumblebee Jasper is used by metaphysical healers to strengthen the digestive system, immune system and metabolism, as well as encouraging general physical vitality.  It is also said to be a powerful stone for healing the reproductive system



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